Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Another year when Band IGNITION rocked the crowd at ASHWAMEDH ’09 and proved to be better than the Marathi night or the celebrity night with the Band of Boys….As I looked at the videos again, if feels so very good to see the crowd dance to our tunes…Personally for me ,it feels great to hear one’s own words being sung (I might sound to be self obsessed)…but a still greater feeling when we were appreciated for our hard work….someone comes up to ask for the videos, lyrics, etc…The best complement that we got was one from our college watchman, a person who would not have understood more than 15 min of our 1 hour rock packed performance come and say, “khoob changla kela hoto tumhi”.

I really believe there is no better feeling than being applauded….that is truly what I yearn for in my life. Be it studying, writing, music, drawing, photography, debating,…everything that I can think of…Who doesn’t want recognition? I believe that one should not grow linearly in only a particular field (eg. medicine) but in all directions…Why not tap your talents and potentials now than to regret later when the time is all gone?...It might come at a cost now but the sweet music of applause will cover it all up.

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