Thursday, April 2, 2009


Life and Death play a game of hide and seek….while death is counting in the heavens, life finds a place to hide IN A FAMILY..…..only to be caught by death one day.

Being at the hospital everyday, I get numb many a times to see people die ..relatives thinking that the doctors are heartless when they declare a person dead….but that’s the way life is…with such a thought I draw this analogy.

When I light the ‘JYOT’ in the ‘diya’ everyday to pray, I see life being born (neonate).It slowly fights to light up throwing some tantrums until it becomes steady (infant to childhood).Soon the flame starts to rise, become bigger, glows brighter to reach it full height, cover up the entire cotton ball (adulthood)…and slowly gets blown out, with a smoke……in which I see Death.