Sunday, November 11, 2012


MUMBAI: Pakistani gunman Ajmal Kasab has been down with fever for the last seven days. Officials at the Arthur Road jail, where he is currently lodged, confirmed his deteriorating health condition and also that he will be now be treated by Dr.Rohan Naik, the doctor who treated Yash Chopra forever.

A team of doctors from the JJ Hospital, who regularly visit the jail to taste the food served to Kasab and also treat other prisoners, have advised the doctors attached to the jail on Kasab's treatment to shift him to a 5 star corporate hospital immediately. Dean of JJ Hospital Dr.Arun Swaminathan said, "Enough of biryani plates, its high time he now gets platelets".

Scared for his own life & paranoid after watching ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, Kasab has written a letter to the Pakistan Embassy in Mumbai, a copy which is available with Faking News: Doctor’s Lounge seeking immediate intervening on diplomatic grounds. In desperate attempt to avoid Dr.Naik’s treatment, Kasab has threatened to expose the links of the ISI & Pakistan Army with the Taliban, Indian Mujahiddin & other terrorist outfits. Pakistan has now complained to the UN alleging India to be testing biological weapons on its captured citizens.

In an exclusive interview with your favorite medical news channel, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said, “At least our mosquitoes are fair, secular & democratic and believe in immediate justice. I’m sure the Indian mosquito will get to terrorists sooner than the Indian law. It will be epic if Kasab dies of Dengue. Since the government is so keen on keeping Kasab alive, the mosquito tried its best to kill him. Machhar ke haath bahut lambey hotein hain jaani.”

India against Corruption’ President Arvind Kejriwal has pledged support on social networking sites for mosquitoes to at least get Bharat Ratna or Param Veer Chakra for their heroic act and also to be made the national insect. ‘The Brave Indian Mosquito’ Facebook page has gone viral and already crossed more than a 4 million fan likes in last 5 days since we at Faking News: Doctor’s Lounge first broke the news of Kasab testing positive for Dengue. 

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