Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi Friends …..It all started as a coincidence that I found 3 poems written way back in 2002 with which I started this blog…Gradually, over the last two years, it developed as a hobby and it became a part of my life …I told you guys that I would come up with something good by the end of this month, but I’m sorry to say, that it won’t happen….this seems to be my last post for this year…Suddenly it has hit me that I have only 2 months remaining for my prelim exams and I have the entire final year portion to finish. I am sure that like me, many of you too feel that there are two paths that life shows you…one is the path that you really want to walk and the other is the one you should walk….till now, I walked the path that I wanted to but I realized that it keeps me away from the commitment that is required in the profession of a doctor…I think that my temporarily stopping to blog (which I consider very close to my heart) might just help me become a better doctor…Look at the photo above, can you guess whether it’s a sun rise or a sunset? People, wait until January because in the new year the sun will rise again on my blog, till then, its time for sunshine to light my road to be a good doctor.. Signing off….Love…..mohit....

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taurius1 said...

You don't have to cut yourself of just coz things don't seem to be working out. This blog is your personal space. It should not be about commitments and I-must-post-once-a-week kinda deadlines. Post when you want to. Post when you feel comfortable. More often than not, it feels good to just get something out in text.

If you think you need to, stay away. But I don't think that maintaining a blog is the major reason for your lack of preparation.

Best of luck, though!