Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hey readers, really very sorry…..thanks for complaining that off lately my blog has become more and more personal….the usual flavors about various aspects is long missing….my posts reflect too much only about my life and the way I feel… It may be just because I was trying to push myself for the final 7 months of turmoil remaining to finish with my basic M.B.B.S course….. I may have become monotonous lately coz I’ve not been watching television, or reading newspapers for a long time now(the secret of my inspiration to write), no time for it actually… Exams coming up…will surely keep myself updated about current events after that..…and will not write about LIFE for a long time now ….. So wait on people till around 29th of this month, when my written exams end…will surely come up with something you’ll all love….catch you all later ….. Wish me luck…

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