Friday, February 27, 2009


The blogosphere seems to have caught up with 25 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME……I couldn’t stay behind either… here they are:

1) If my parents would have allowed, I would have been an air force pilot…..I love speed and all the craziness of a midair stunt.

2) I love to study life everyday….smile over little things that I come across…learn from them….study people’s faces in packed local trains…but never complain, because that’s life…

3) I am calm and quiet most of the time….but once I loose my temper, I would scare the shit out of the other person.

4) I am a good leader…I loved being a class monitor ,a House vice prefect, head boy and now the president of my school alumni…..I wish I could join politics one day.

5) I do not open up to everyone easily….it takes time for me to really trust people, let them be my friends and peep into my world.

6) I want to buy myself a black Mercedes Benz sometime in life before I die.

7) I am always scared of loosing people really close to me….something happening to them though I am used to seeing people go through really sad times in the hospital everyday.

8) I love attention…..and I try to showoff sometimes.

9) I really love the Indian culture….the diversity of religion and the women in Indian outfits…I wish to be reborn here itself in the valley of the Gods.

10) I am very sentimental and emotional person, sometimes I feel hurt on trivial things.

11) I am a very good writer ,poet ,sportsman ,photographer, musician and singer…..apni badhai nahi kar raha hoon main.

12) I love to look into the mirror time and again….not to see my looks but to peep into my crying eyes for the times I have seen in life that really pushes me hard.

13) I love my friends a lot….make them all feel really very special…..I am really very choosy because I never want to be betrayed and feel I made a wrong choice anytime.

14) I am very religious…I find peace in going to a temple ,a church, a gurudwara or a mosque….Only religion I believe in is Humanity.

15) I have utmost respect for all my teachers…..they have really brought out the best in me to excel.

16) I always feel that my school-Lokhandwala Foundation School was responsible for bringing out my every talent ….along with my hard work,it has contributed in making me what i am today.

17) I hate to see people smoking and generally get down from a rickshaw with a smoking co-passenger. Though I have tried 6 puffs till now.

18) I am a perfectionist…..also love to see things clean and tidy….my room ,books ,study shelf ,bed every thing will always be arranged properly….though I am not suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder..

19) Many times I feel that I am missing out of life due to these long years in medicine..that I have have a tough road ahead….but I love the respect I get in being on the road to be a doctor.

20) I am sometimes very moody and impulsive….I do things that I later regret.

21) Back bitching, cheap talks really put me off…..and so do people who make an image about me without even knowing me.

22) I can take a lot of grief with a smile on my face and later cry about it.

23) I have never had a girlfriend….though I am open to the idea of falling in love….got no time for it really.

24) I am really proud of what I have achieved in life till now….love to look at my 70 odd certificates, medals and trophies again and again to pump me up for the future.

25) I am always cautious about things I do in life because I don’t ever want to be a bad son or a bad brother….I only exist to give my parents everything that they ever asked.

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Aniruddha Agarwal said...

They arent random.
They're organised. Few things written more than once.
Good one.