Saturday, April 5, 2014


Mumbai: In a major setback to the already demotivated Congress party under the leadership of the dumb Rahul Gandhi, an alumni of doctors from Mumbai's Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College have filed a copyright infringement case with the Election Commission against the party's tagline "Har hath shakti, har hath tarakki" yesterday.

The doctors claimed that they had coined the saying "Apna hath Jagannath" one night in their hostel room 18 years back due to the frustration of having to study 24 X 7, not getting girlfriends in medical college during their conservative era, and the Congress party has now stolen it from there.

Faking News: Doctor's Lounge got in touch with Dr. Deepak Kumar Singh, a famous city based Surgeon who filed the case. "I personally remember writing 'Apna hath Jagannath' above the 1st urinal in the college library during my final year of MBBS 18 years back.The Congress has simply lifted my 'eye opening, inspiring' words from there, similar to how Anu Malik lifts tunes from other musicians, and made subtle modifications to it. Jagannath and Shakti, both symbolize power - of the hand here." he said.

"However, we have no issues with the 2nd part of their tagline 'Har hath tarakki' as it doesn't even rhyme well or make sense. I'm sure that it really was Rahul Baba's original idea", Dr.Singh added further.

In a hurriedly called press conference today to rebut the claim, Rahul Gandhi said, "I'm a 43 year old unmarried youth icon. My mummy is not at all worried about my marriage. I have always believed and propagated the power of the hand- 'Har hath shakti' since last 30 years. How can these doctors claim copyright on it? Dadi se seekha hun, maza chakhaunga unhe". The statement was immediately applauded by Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibbal.

Whether or not the Congress Party changes their election punch line, only time will tell. But a section of party workers seen shouting "Abki baar Pappu Sarkar" on the streets of Mumbai surely reflect lack of insightful ideas and tough days ahead for the Congress party.

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