Sunday, June 20, 2010


I had not been so optimistic for a while,
It feels so good to reconcile,
Looking forward now to how my future molds,
And to the sweet surprises, that destiny holds.

Waited so long for days like this,
Not looking back anymore on times I missed,
To be joyful within really takes so less,
I think I've found my key to happiness.

Though the road is long, I'm ready to walk,
In my sleep now, with the future I talk,
Just can't wait now, to stretch my wings,
And fly to my dreams, without the strings.

In this roller coaster life, with twists and bends,
I can only wish, this time doesn't end,
The days are gone when life was a mess,
I think I've found my key to happiness,
I think I've found my key to happiness...

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