Sunday, December 21, 2008


They said-Don’t keep high hopes
It hurts when dreams are broken
I said-I want to fly the limitless sky
and measure the span of my wings…..

They said-Don’t go deep in the ocean
You too will drown like many others
I said-I want to give it a try
to leave my footsteps on the ocean…..

They said-You will get lost fighting life
Nowhere to be found in the dark space
I said-I’ll search till I find the light one day
to shine like a star and guide others like me…..

Not concerned about what they said
I continued to walk alone and finally found my path
Now they follow me behind to shout
We always said this boy will win…..


harshal agrawal said...

Good one , though it does not rhyme :p

Aniruddha Agarwal said...

Amazing... really very true.
I think u've put the fact of life very rightly into words.

There are people all around who try and stop you, but one fine day suddenly the entire world expects so much from you.

I think the best poem of the lot...

I am the light within said...

Well written and very intriguing kinds...

Ishu Ace said...

all that can be said

Sahej Rahal said...

dude I like the tigers but pls stop watching oprah