Monday, August 11, 2008


It’s a cold Sunday evening and I’m standing in my window enjoying the rains, the cool wind blowing,and the little drops of rain that fall on my face occasionally…..I feel very calm and happy today…..After a lot of time thinking, I have finally decided to shed the false mask that I was wearing. I cannot anymore hide the true self that I’m, stop myself from being the real person I’m at heart. I want the world to see the face I was hiding for so long. I want the pages of the story of my life to be open to all and not become a subject of mockery and discussion acting like a person I’m not…..Now I just want to be true to every moment of life that comes my way…..

After hearing about the compulsory rural posting policy ,even I was struck equally harder as any of my medical friends , but I have this habit of thinking too much about life…so off lately had been feeling negative about medicine seeing my friends in other streams earning big and quickly…..But just yesterday I was at the college hostel sitting with my friends talking about life…. surprisingly ,discussing stuff which really pumped me again about the career I’m in….The thought that touched me the most was ,“If ever I repent coming to medicine ,I should just wear my doctor’s white coat ,put a stethoscope around my neck , go to the EMS and come out…..the staring eyes of people ,their expectations building up would be enough for me to get back to reality and feel lucky that I’m here”.That was enough to give me a lot of positive thoughts.

We are where we are today because we’ve all worked day and night for it…slogged it out and finally realized our goal. Many of us will agree that we wanted to be a Doctor to realize the sheer joy of being GOD’S TOOL .If we all have faith in GOD and his actions, then why do we ask for some evidence? Let things move on their own pace, the secrets of life unfold on their own…be thankful to be what we are and what we have…How many of us do that? I remember a small story that I had read in some value education book many years ago.A man after death reaches heaven, roams around and sees three departments there.The first one was the PRAYER RECEIVING DEPARTMENT, very busy and full with voices of “Dear GOD,I want this, I want that….”.Second was the PRAYER ANSWERING DEPARTMENT, equally busy. The third one which he would have just missed in the corner had a single angel sitting there…bored having nothing to do…On enqUiring he found out that it was the THANKSGIVING DEPARTMENT…touched? Think about it…This is what we all do, forget to be thankful for what we have while running behind for things we don’t have.

REMEMBER - If you think you’ve missed out on life, I suggest you slow down…you need not run behind it thinking it’s music won’t last ….enjoy the journey of life…its not a race. Lets go slower, hearing the music of life before the song of our life is over….I now realize that there are two kinds of aspiring people on Earth….There are Astronomers and there are the Astronauts…..The astronomers are the ones who stand by their lonely window with a telescope to gaze at the stars…The astronauts are the ones who reach for the stars and leave their footprints….Until now, I’ve been an astronomer…but I don’t want to be one now…..There comes a time in your life when you realize that if you stand still ,you will remain at this point forever ,if you fall and stay down, life will pass you by….I now feel to begin life all over again.


Aniruddha Agarwal said...

1. All evenings are not cold.

2. Doctors are not the only ones who are 'god's tools'.

3. Most people don't practice what they preach

4. How many times have you 'rediscovered' yourself?

harshal agrawal said...

Dont be hasty in your conclusions,single conversations seem to inspire u for a day and the next day ur back in to ur old pathetic self...

taurius1 said...

I'm here with ya. Hang tough, stay strong, and most of all, remember that your friends are your friends! :D
It's what keeps me going. :)