Sunday, June 1, 2008


Dedicated to my “friends”
The days of joy and the nights of fun,
It looked so pretty watching everyone,
Every moment spent together was so fine,
Soon they’ll disappear in the dust of time…

I was by your side when you were in fear,
You all hugged me when i shed my tears,
In my set backs you’d look so divine,
I wish you’re spared by the dust of time…

But life welcomes us on the road to jerk,
While you fall in love when i am at work,
The clock still ticking and we move on,
Without our notice the time is all gone…

Soon we move away and get far a mile,
Gone are old days and gone is our smile,
Distance will only shorten of yours and mine,
If memories are kept clean of the dust of time…

The day you are left alone,your heart in pain,
You wish those days back again,
You need not jump boulder or skip the que,
Look behind your shoulder and I'l be there for you…


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