Thursday, December 4, 2014


MUMBAI: In a shocking revelation that has stirred the political scenario & has left the medical fraternity aghast, doctors who operated on Sharad Pawar for a fractured right hip today revealed that the Nationalist Corrupt Party (NCP) Supremo has a skeleton made of gold. The former Union minister, who people claim is the 2nd richest and the most corrupt person on Earth after Sonia Gandhi, was flown in to Mumbai from Delhi via an air ambulance.

Doctors who conducted a full check-up and had unfortunately ruled out anything serious were curious about the increased bone density on the serial X-Rays and decided to operate as soon as possible. The hospital authorities refused to divulge further details regarding his health condition. There is no clarity on whether the senior leader’s hidden gold is 24 carat or less.

“He was brought to Mumbai because he was previously treated here. The hospital in Delhi was forcing him to undergo surgery there and allowed him to leave only after signing the Discharge Against Medical Advice (DAMA) form. He will be back in action to loot India in a few weeks’ time. If Sheikhs in Dubai can have cars made of gold & platinum, what’s wrong in having a custom made skeleton made of the same metal?,” said NCP leader Praful Patel, who visited the 74-year-old politician at The QuackDoc Multispeciality Hospital.

According to our sources, Pawar had gone for his evening walk around 9 pm when he slipped and fell on the pavement outside his house on Tuesday night. NCP leaders are now accusing BJP workers of peeing outside Pawar’s home to make the sidewalk slippery, ever since he asked the NCP workers to be ready for mid-term polls in Maharshtra and announced that his unconditional support to the government was temporary.

This was the third surgery of the veteran politician. He has earlier been operated on for his oral cancer and another being the famous Sardar slap, a quick-minor procedure which made his smile from :-/ to :-l .

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